In Washington State, the required level of child support is set by guidelines in the law. However, determining the child support payment is not simply a matter of applying a formula. The level of child support depends on the incomes of the parties. Cases involving a parent who is self-employed or unemployed present special problems.

Pierce Law Offices has represented hundreds of clients in child support matters, including unique cases involving self-employed persons and cases where both parents had high incomes.

Pierce Law Offices represents clients in matters involving:

  • Child support
  • Modification of child support requirements
  • Enforcement of child support orders
  • Back child support judgments

At our firm, we believe that persons receiving child support should receive all the child support required by law. We also believe that a person responsible for paying child support should not pay more than the law requires. Pierce Law Offices can take action to obtain an increase or a reduction in child support payments, as mandated by law.

having passed his CPA examination, attorney Rodney G. Pierce understands cash flow. He knows how to investigate and analyze situations involving self-employed persons or in situations where the sources of income are not clear. At Pierce Law Offices, we use the law, our knowledge, and our experience to protect your rights and interests in all aspects of child support.