Not all divorces have to end in contentious litigation. You can save the time, stress and cost of a drawn-out courtroom battle by using collaborative law to pursue a noncontested divorce. We can show you how. At Pierce Law Offices, we have more than 30 years of experience that we will put to work for you. We are committed to offering you a wide range of options to resolve your divorce. Collaborative law is one of the options we offer.

We are available to offer our services to people in Seattle, Washington, and the surrounding area. Collaborative law is a technique that allows the two parties to work together to reach a divorce settlement that is mutually agreed upon. In addition to saving you from the stress of a trip to the courtroom, this method can have many other benefits as well. It can allow you to resolve your case quicker and in a much more cost-effective manner. Also, it can help strengthen communication between the two parties, which is particularly helpful when there is a child involved.

Putting the outcome in your hands

In a traditional divorce case, the outcome is put in the hands of a judge. This is a person who does not know you, your family or your needs. The decision he or she will make is based on his or her opinion of what is right and may not benefit any of the parties involved. Collaborative law puts the divorce settlement in your hands. You know the outcome will work because you create it.

By offering our clients a wide range of tools, including collaborative law, we have earned the respect of our peers. Washington Law Magazine granted its Judge's Choice Award to our lead attorney, Rodney G. Pierce. This is an honor that we take to heart. We are not content to rest on our achievements. Instead, we work hard every day to build on them by doing what is right for each of our clients.