Discovering that your marriage was not valid is one of the most emotionally challenging matters a person can face. You entered into marriage with complete confidence that it was legal. Finding out otherwise can be shocking. If you have discovered that you are in an invalid marriage, you have the right to end it. We can help.

In Washington, marriage annulment is not an option. Even if a marriage is invalid, the procedure that needs to be followed is the same as in divorce. We will help you sort through the issues involved, including gathering details about the illegal nature of the marriage. We will put all of the facts together to construct a legal strategy dedicated to getting you the results you need.

Handling dissolution of an invalid marriage

Whether you have discovered that your marriage is invalid at the start or after many years, the issues you have to deal with may include child custody, child support, property division and more. At Pierce Law Offices, we have more than 30 years of experience providing family law services to people in Seattle and throughout the surrounding parts of Washington. We take pride in our ability to use the law to design a case dedicated to doing the right thing for you.

Many factors exist that can make a marriage invalid. Included among these are situations in which your spouse engaged in some sort of deceit, such as failing to disclose that he or she is already married. Other cases may involve new information coming to light after marriage, including factors that neither party was aware of, such as learning that you are related in some way.